Emergency and Disaster Consulting

Why Use Us!

We provide fire and EMS organizational analysis. We focus on providing a collaborative input model to derive our analysis. While we focus on data, our team of experts have years of practical experience that allow transformational changes in the organization. In addition to public Fire and EMS organizational services, Hanifen & Associates, LLC provides preparedness planning and training for small and medium sized businesses to ensure their survival of a disaster event. 

Areas of Expertise

Hanifen & Associates provides consulting in the following areas
  • Fire and EMS Organizational Analysis
  • Volunteer to Paid department transitional plans
  • Station Location analysis
  • Emergency preparedness planning and training
  • Continuity of Operations beyond data recovery
  • Work team development related to managing disasters
  • Training in areas to include
    • Fire & EMS Organizational Development
    • Performing Data Analysis
    • Incident Management
    • Disaster Response

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